lossnay ventialtion system
lossnay ventilation

With new Built New Zealand homes getting more airtight than ever, the optimum amount of circulating fresh air is an important element to achieving the perfect indoor climate for better health and overall well-being. We install Lossnay Fresh Air Home Ventilation Systems and believe they are the ideal solution for new build home designs.


These systems work a little bit differently when compared to other ventilation systems on the market. Rather than utilising air from a likely very stale environment in your attic, a Lossnay system instead utilises air from outside the home. This clever system also adds to heat recovery by utilising the stale outgoing air.You can read more about them by clicking here.


So if you are about to undertake a new build or have recently built a house and now think ventilation would be a logical addition, get in touch with us today and we can run through your options. No obligation quotes on all ventilation work.