Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

heat pump wellington

The type of heat pump most people associate with the term is in fact a high mounted wall heat pump. They are great as they are up high and out of the way, easy to clean and the installation process, if done right, is reasonably stress free.


As with any consumer product, the amount of choice you have in terms of what heat pump to buy will seem daunting at first. Our experts can take away all the confusion with a quick look around your home or office. This will allow us to discount systems that are too big or small; providing you with a refined list of products that will suit your situation.


Having installed hundreds of heating and cooling systems we now have the process down to somewhat of an art form. We first gather some details about the project and then provide with you a no obligation quote for the system we feel best fits your need and budget. Our prices are really competitive thanks to our great relationships with our suppliers.


Once the project has been approved we schedule a time that works for you to have the heat pump installed. Our contractors arrive on time, do the work in a timely fashion and then leave your home as it was; other than a new heat pump being installed of course. Get in touch today for a free quote or a chat a bout a project.