Multi Room Heat Pumps


By using only one outdoor unit, our multi-room systems give you the freedom to select the best indoor model for each area without cluttering your home’s outdoor space. Whilst they are a bit more work to install; their benefits are enormous if you have a big space to heat.


We are able to supply and install a large range of systems from all the big brands, we do however tend to prefer to install Mitsubishi systems. In terms of reliability, output and efficiency you struggle to do much better.


Having installed hundreds of multiple room systems we understand the challenges and have a plan for all of them. We first gather some details about the project and then provide with you a no obligation quote for the system we feel best fits your need and budget. Our prices are really competitive thanks to our great relationships with our suppliers.


Once the project has been approved we schedule a time that works for you to have the heat pump installed. Our contractors arrive on time, do the work in a timely fashion and then leave your home as it was; other than a new heat pump being installed of course. Get in touch today for a free quote or a chat about a project.