About us

hoult electrical wellington

Hoult Electrical was created by Niall Hoult in October 2016, after having worked within the Industry as an Electrician for many years. Specialising in Commercial, Residential and maintenance repair work Hoult Electrical is focused on providing a top quality service no matter the scale of the project.


We just want to keep providing the same high level of customer service that has enabled us to be this successful for many more years to come.


All of our team members are fully qualified electricians however we tend to do work mainly on heating, cooling and ventilation installations for residential and commercial purposes across the wider Wellington region. We can however complete any work an electrician would do and do so happily at very competitive rates.


We are always looking for new team members to help us with our workloads. If you think you might be a good fit for the team, do drop us a line using the contact form on the contact page and we can go from there.